Good bye!!

Dear Dani,

I’m not sure what to say! I’m so thrilled for you and wish you all the best there. I really hope you learn a lot, have fun, meet new friends and find what you’re looking for. I also hope you never forget God and His love for you, take Him in your baggage. =3

Take care and please remeber to send us photos & write once a while. ^^


This song is for you

P.S: Sorry for not going to the airport to say goodbye!!!  =(

From: Mery
To: Ela

Goodbye Ela

From a dear stranger you know better than others


We may be labeled as acquaintances
Yet I think we are friends,
From no several hang outs
Yet meaningful spare
And now you are leaving for god or bad…
Here, a dear stranger, writing his heart out for once
Telling you to be happy and to be sad
Because you are going too far away-
Our hearts are linked too tight,
Our souls blended at once,
And you’ve got friends who couldn’t be left behind.
“Don’t forget us” is our claim!
Be proud of what you achieve there
And feel no remorse –we are waiting here.
A greater good we all seek
A pray, a thought or even these humble words
 To you, a great person, how reached the sky
Now go for more!

From: Diego Gorron

To: Ela

Christmas Market

The glow and sparkle of lights and Christmas decorations, the scent of tasty seasonal food, and nostalgic Christmas music from a historic fairground organ all contribute to a special festive atmosphere.

Mannheim also hosts its own Weihnachtsmarkt or Christmas Market. Once again the Wasserturm, introducing to the Planken high-society shopping street, is the focal point.The Christmas booths congregate around this local landmark, selling their food and craft items. Some local specialty items include toys, candles, leather goods, ceramics and, of course, plenty of Christmas decorations.

The children will enjoy the fun fair that consists of two antique carousels and a kiddie train while their parents shop around and sample the Bratwurst.

Christmas market – opening times

26 Nov – 23 Dec 2014

11am – 9pm daily

More info at (it includes a Summary in English):



Mannheim parks offer plenty of greenery, wildlife and gorgeous scenery for the most avid outdoors-men. Once there, let me know if Mannheim lives up to its reputation as a green city. 😉

Mannheim Zoo at Luisenpark

Animal lovers should head over to Luisenpark for their attractive zoo and aviary. The animals range from otters to penguins and tamarin monkeys to mongoose and geckos.

The aviary includes snowy owls, white storks and flamingos. And don’t overlook the creatures of the sea that can be found here. You’ll see lovable clown fish, spiky lion fish, floating sea turtles and vicious piranhas.

images (1)6157046-Explore_Extraordinary_Luisenpark_Mannheim


This Mannheim nature park is one of the city’s and Europe’s most beautiful. The Luisenpark is forty-one hectares of greenery and some stellar attractions. It was founded in 1903 just along the Neckar River.

Some of the most popular exhibits include the zoo mentioned above, a butterfly house, the Chinese tea house and boat rides on the lake. The lake also doubles as a stage for summertime performances.

If you want more information on the park itself, please visit he link below:

Dancing the night away

With an interesting assortment of dance halls and clubs in Mannheim, you can dance ’til dawn to the tunes of hip hop, house or even jazz.

Mannheim Bars

STARS (N 1 STADTHAUS): This Mannheim bar is found right in the city center at Paradeplatz. Stars offers a fine drink menu and a fun atmosphere means that loads of locals and tourists alike will flock here on the weekends. But the biggest treat of all is the 360 degree panoramic view of the city below. Get here early because seats with a view are limited!

MEIER’S (O 7, 1): If you’re too impatient to wait for a seat at Stars, then head to this low-key bar, also in the city center. At Meier’s they provide a nice selection of spirits, as well as coffees and some limited meals. For a friendly atmosphere and a business casual dress code, you can do no better than Meier’s.

MURPHY’S LAW (KAISERRING 10-12):This Irish pub serves beer on tap (including hard-to-find Irish brews like Kilkenny) and other pub favorites. English-speaking expats and university students flock here on the weekends, so you’ll have an interesting mix of patrons to strike up a conversation with. There’s often live music and each week, they feature a Trivia Quiz.

Mannheim Night Clubs

CONNEXION (ANGERLSTRASSE 33): This Mannheim nightlife destination is generally regarded as one of the best clubs in town. ConneXion is a gigantic complex that is a place to see and be seen. Make sure to wear your hippest, most stylish clothes here. Music can range from house to hip hop to R&B.
Note: Just be wary of your surroundings. This club is not in the best part of town, so safety in numbers is recommended!

DELIRIUM (Q 5, 4): Delirium is another Mannheim night club that lets you dance til dawn. Hip hop and R&B are the music of choice but you can also catch some reggae or Two Step. Drinks are reasonable and the central location makes this a great choice for your night out in Mannheim.

SOHO CLUB (J 7, 16):This SOHO Club offers a relaxed ambiance amid reasonably-priced alcohol and a good selection of music. Cocktail hour runs until 11pm!

The Water Tower and Friedrichsplatz, Mannheim

The emblem of Mannheim is nestled in one of the largest and most beautiful art nouveau areas of Europe, the Friedrichsplatz and you cannot go to Mannheim without visiting it!

A popular meeting point for young and old, a place to take a stroll and while away the time, to celebrate and relax and of course to be amazed too. Because at dusk, the brightly lit moving fountains at the foot of the tower enchant every passer-by.

Completed in 1886, the Romanesque water tower rises to 60 metres above the highest point of the Friedrichsplatz. The yellow Baroque sandstone building, which once served as a reservoir for drinking water, impresses with its intricately designed open staircase and various sculptures, such as of the sea goddess Amphritite.

Opening hours

Beginning of April until the end of October
Fountain Show: Mo – So 11.00 – 14.00 hrs and 16.00 – 22.00 hrs
Colour Show: Sa – So 22.00 and 23.00 hrs


The Water Tower and Friedrichsplatz
68161 Mannheim

Reiss-Engelhor-Museen, Mannheim

museumsdescarga images

Looking for some adventures? Why don’t you go to visit the museums “Reiss-Engelhorn”‘? There might be some hidden treasures inside!

With a total exhibition area of 11,300 qm and displaying ca. 1.2 Mio. objects, the rem is one of the largest museum complexes in southern Germany in public ownership.

The Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim – or in short, ‘rem’ – are an internationally engaged complex of museums. Exhibitions in four locations – the Zeughaus Museum in C5, the Museum of World Cultures in D5, the Schillerhaus Museum in B5, 7 as well as ZEPHYR – Room for Photography in C4,9 – make the ‘rem’ an outstanding place for exhibitions.

The link below includes information about the location, schedule, costs, touristic guides and the current exhibitions:

Travelling through Germany

Once you’ve spent some time in Germany, you will soon want to go out, research and discover. There are plenty of opportunities for travelling, and only at first sight may they seem complicated.

 Germany has an extensive public transport system. You will find bus, metro and underground routes in most German cities. Besides cycling, the quickest route to your destination is probably by bus or rail. The rail system is easy to understand. There are various tram lines that travel along a given route. Timetables are displayed at each stop and are easy to understand.

Tip: Info desks at the railway station or tourist office often have free timetables for you to take so that you can find your way around.

Travelling without a ticket costs 40 euros

Make sure you buy a valid ticket before you get on the train or bus. You can buy tickets at the bus stop, the station or the ticket counter. If you’re spending the whole weekend in a town, ask about special weekend tickets. You have to validate the ticket before using it. Whatever the means of transport, you will find little red boxes near the doors of the bus, tram, train, etc. All you have to do is insert the ticket into the slit to validate the ticket. Date and time are then printed on the ticket and it’s ready for use.

If you travel without a ticket in Germany, you will be seen as a fare dodger –”Schwarzfahrer” – in German. It will cost you a fine of 40 euros. Some cities like Cologne also prohibit eating and drinking in trains and platforms.

Above all, make sure you know exactly when your bus, tram or train departs. Be on time at the station or stop, because train and bus drivers are generally on time and don’t wait. But: Don’t be surprised if you have to wait a bit longer for your train at the weekend. Different times apply on Saturdays and Sundays. Fewer trains travel at night than during the day.

Deutsche Bahn: Travelling by train is the easiest but also the most expensive option. Although high-speed express trains (Intercity Express – ICE) get you to the nearest city quickly, spontaneous trips can be really expensive. If you want to save money, book your ticket well in advance on the internet or, even better, travel with some friends at the weekend with a special group ticket: The “Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket” is valid for up to five people and costs just 37 euros per day.

Tip: – the website offers a comprehensive overview and comparison of all available means of transport.